Tuesday, December 29, 2009

segalanya padaMU

I feel your presence in the fresh breath in the early morning

In the smell of roses in the fertile nature

In the fruits of beautiful trees

In the white and pure snow over the mountains

In the four seasons of good giving

In the green fields which spreads infinitely

In the song of birds calling me to wake up for a new day

In the reflect of blue sky over the seas

In the mountains, hills, lakes, rivers and forests

You are everywhere we turn and every where we look

Your presence is here in all aspects of life

You are the One, the Merciful and the Great

You are our shadow in the heat

Our shelter in the rain and our sight in the darkness

How we can be lost when You are our Guide ?

How we can be in despair when You are our Hope ?

How we can be alone when you are our Companion ?

How we can be in need when You are our Answerer ?

(La Tahzan, Tariq Ahmed Alhlayel, December 27 2009)


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